In Stores This Week: Aliens, Batmobile, Star Trek and Jay & Silent Bob!

It’s a new New Toy Day – the last New Toy Day before the big reveals of New York Toy Fair set the Earth a-tremble! This week brings several highly anticipated items to comic shops and specialty stores, straight from Diamond Select Toys. Check out what’s new below, including the next Star Trek Femme Fatales PVC figure, the return of the long-absent Enterprise NX-01, the creepy Alien ceramic cookie jar, an animated-style Batmobile vinyl bank, and DST’s first bobbleheads in years, depicting Jay and Silent Bob! Order at your local comic shop using the provided codes, and find your nearest store at! Continue reading

Ask DST #302: A Half-Century of Star Trek

It’s a new Ask DST with Diamond Select Toys president DSTChuck, and this week he’s drawing the attention of Star Trek fans, who have unleashed a barrage of rapid-fire Star Trek questions! Will Chuck get out of this one? Will his shields hold up? Will the Khitomer Conference go as planned? And why does he have a goatee now? These answers and more, in Ask DST! Got a question for DSTChuck? Submit it up top or e-mail us! Continue reading

Exclusive Avengers Figures Bring the Battle to Marvel Shop and Disney Stores!

This time it’s war! Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War is coming to theaters this spring, and the Avengers are expanding their roster at and the Disney Store, with three exclusive Marvel Select action figures from Diamond Select Toys! New for 2016, Avenging Captain America and Black Panther join the previously sold-out Winter Soldier, who returns for a new run! Continue reading

ASK DST #301: A Megaton of Minimates!

It’s the first Ask DST since our #300 livechat, and we’ve got a backlog of questions to get through! These questions are all about 2-inch Minimates mini-figures, from Marvel to Mass Effect to Walking Dead to TMNT! A few of these were answered in the livechat, but we’re posting them here so everyone can see what Chuck has to say. Thanks for making the livechat a success, and we hope to do another one soon! In the meantime, submit questions in the drop-down form up top, or e-mail DSTChuck! Continue reading

Ship Dates Update!

This schedule represents our best estimated in-store schedule for comic shops and specialty stores; they may change as production warrants. We’ll post revised schedules on a regular basis in an effort to bring customers the most up-to-date information possible. Continue reading

Ask DST #300 Live Chat

It’s Ask DST #300, and this time it’s live! Diamond Select Toys president DSTChuck has been answering questions submitted by fans for almost ten years. Now, he’s reached his 300th installment, and to mark the occasion he’s going to take the questions live, right here! Continue reading

A New Alien Minimates Box Set Infiltrates Hastings Stores!

Diamond Select Toys’ Aliens Minimates line has been creeping up on people, thrilling both movie lovers and Minimates collectors with its detailed mini-figures of the Colonial Marines and Warrior Aliens from the 1986 action film Aliens. But there has only been one set of Minimates based on the original 1979 Alien film… until now! Hastings and MovieStop stores (and are now offering an all-new Alien Minimates box set, with three new characters and a brand-new version of the “Big Chap” alien! Continue reading

Ask DST #299: Marvel Selections!

It’s a new Ask DST, with Diamond Select Toys president DSTChuck, and this one is all about Marvel! While he can’t talk too much about the 2016 line-up (which currently consists of three Civil War-based figures: Captain America, Iron Man and Winter Soldier), Chuck does put the kibosh on a few guesses, and confirms that there should be something on display at New York Toy Fair on February 14. Or even sooner! Continue reading