All About Art Asylum

The Best of All Worlds.

Art Asylum has always been a home for the best sculptors and painters in the toy industry. Now that we’re part of Diamond Select Toys, nothing changes except we’re bringing our talented team in to work on some of the biggest licenses DST has to offer.

Still Crazy After All These Years.

Art Asylum and Diamond Select Toys remain committed to producing the most detailed, highly crafted toys anywhere, and to furthering innovation and experimentation in the industry. This site allows you to participate in that journey with us, with behind-the-scenes images and information about upcoming products. The art and design of toy creation is in the spotlight, and you’ve got a front row seat.

New Look, Same Mission.

The all-new AA site brings our frequently updated blog to the forefront, featuring content from behind the curtain of the toy industry and fresh looks at our upcoming and in-development product. Exclusive photos are mixed with in-depth interviews with the toy sculptors who bring these characters and ships to plasticized life. Also, each month we will answer questions submitted to Ask DST, responding directly to our fans on the topics they’re interested in.

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