Exclusive Avengers Figures Bring the Battle to Marvel Shop and Disney Stores!

This time it’s war! Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War is coming to theaters this spring, and the Avengers are expanding their roster at and the Disney Store, with three exclusive Marvel Select action figures from Diamond Select Toys! New for 2016, Avenging Captain America and Black Panther join the previously sold-out Winter Soldier, who returns for a new run! Continue reading

ASK DST #301: A Megaton of Minimates!

It’s the first Ask DST since our #300 livechat, and we’ve got a backlog of questions to get through! These questions are all about 2-inch Minimates mini-figures, from Marvel to Mass Effect to Walking Dead to TMNT! A few of these were answered in the livechat, but we’re posting them here so everyone can see what Chuck has to say. Thanks for making the livechat a success, and we hope to do another one soon! In the meantime, submit questions in the drop-down form up top, or e-mail DSTChuck! Continue reading

Ask DST #299: Marvel Selections!

It’s a new Ask DST, with Diamond Select Toys president DSTChuck, and this one is all about Marvel! While he can’t talk too much about the 2016 line-up (which currently consists of three Civil War-based figures: Captain America, Iron Man and Winter Soldier), Chuck does put the kibosh on a few guesses, and confirms that there should be something on display at New York Toy Fair on February 14. Or even sooner! Continue reading

Last-Minute Gift Ideas Now In Comic Shops!

It’s getting pretty late in the game, but there’s still time to shop locally for that last-minute gift idea! Luckily, Diamond Select Toys is shipping a whole variety of new products to comic shops nationwide on Wednesday, December 23rd! This week’s New Toy Day sees the arrival of products from Aliens, Marvel, Back to the Future, The Muppets, Batman: The Animated Series, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Godzilla, Tarot, and Universal Monsters! Read on for details, then find your nearest comic shop at, and see what they have in stock! Continue reading

Muppets, iZombie and X-Files Coming Summer 2016!

Another issue of Previews is out, and it’s full of new items coming your way from Diamond Select Toys! Characters from iZombie, The Muppets, X-Files, Marvel, My Little Pony, Batman, Back to the Future and more are now up for pre-order, in the form of action figures, Minimates, banks, busts and even cookie jars! Read on for more info, and pre-order at your local comic shop, or at! Continue reading

Ask DST #295: Marvel Select and Retro!

It’s an all-new, all-different, all-Marvel Ask DST, with Diamond Select Toys president DSTChuck! This week, he answers your questions about the Select line, to the best of his ability, and he also fields a question about the Marvel Retro line! If you have a quez for the prez, submit it in the drop-down form up top, or e-mail him! Continue reading

Marvel Minimates Series 20 Makes a Splash at Toys“R”Us!

Diamond Select Toys is celebrating 20 series of Marvel Minimates at Toys“R”Us! Since 2008, Toys“R”Us stores have gotten their own unique assortments of Marvel Minimates, featuring heroes and villains from across the Marvel comic book universe, and even the world of Marvel films. The landmark 20th series dips into the realm of Marvel TV, and Toys“R”Us is offering collectors an amazing deal! Continue reading

Marvel Animated Universe Gets New Minimates at Walgreens in 2016!

The Marvel Animated Universe is expanding at Walgreens! With Series 1.5 of Marvel Animated Minimates in stores this holiday season, Diamond Select Toys is ready to reveal Series 2 of the Walgreens-exclusive mini-figure line! The all-new assortment features two-packs from Marvel’s Avengers Assemble, Guardians of the Galaxy and Ultimate Spider-Man, including Super Heroes, villains and even villainous Super Heroes! Continue reading