Ask DST #317: Minimates!

Each week, the president of Diamond Select Toys shrinks down to 2-inch size, climbs inside his computer’s hard drive, and answers the fan e-mails that are stored there. For the 317th one of these micro-sized Ask DST sessions, the questions are appropriately all about 2-inch Minimates mini-figures, from Star Trek to Marvel to Aliens, plus some other Minimates that have not yet been made (and probably won’t). Got a question for DSTChuck? Submit it in the form up top or e-mail us! Continue reading

Alien Day Brings New Animated Short, Plus New Toy Reveal!

It’s April 26th, which means it’s officially Alien Day! Chosen for the xenomorph’s source planetoid LV-426, today is a day to celebrate all of the films of the Aliens Quadrilogy, as well as to make some exciting announcements in the Aliens world. And today, you can check out new Aliens products, new Diamond Select Minimates Aliens animation, and a new Aliens photo contest from Diamond Select Toys! Continue reading

Coming this Fall: Alice, Ant-Man, Ghostbusters, NBX and More!

April showers may bring May flowers, but they also bring new toy and collectible offerings from Diamond Select Toys! These items won’t ship until the fall, but you can pre-order them now through your local comic shop or your favorite online retailer. And with items from Alice Through the Looking Glass, the DC Animated Universe, Ghostbusters, Marvel Comics, the Nightmare Before Christmas and Predator, there’s something for everyone! Read on for details and pre-order today! Continue reading

Ask DST #313: Minimates!

The president of Diamond Select Toys is back for his lucky 313th Ask DST column, and this time DSTChuck is answering questions about Minimates, the 2-inch block figures that just won’t quit! With questions about Daredevil, Star Trek, Madman, Scarlet Spider, Lord of the Rings, Power Rangers and more, DSTChuck has his hands full answering them all – if you have your own question, submit it up top or e-mail him! Continue reading

Ask DST #312: Marvel!

Got a burning question about Diamond Select Toys? Submit it to Ask DST, and it will be answered by DST president/product manager/fan DSTChuck himself! This week, Chuck is tackling all questions about Marvel, from Marvel Select to Marvel Gallery to Marvel Minimates! Read on to see if your question was answered, then submit a new one at the link above, or send us an e-mail! Continue reading

Marvel Animated Minimates Series 2.5 Revealed as Series 2 Hits Walgreens!

The Marvel Animated Universe is expanding at Walgreens! With Series 2 of Marvel Animated Minimates shipping to stores now, Diamond Select Toys is ready to officially announce Series 2.5 of the Walgreens-exclusive mini-figure line! The all-new assortment features two-packs from Marvel’s Avengers Assemble and Ultimate Spider-Man, including Super Heroes, Super Villains and the first-ever Minimates of the Squadron Supreme! Continue reading

On Sale This Week: Muppets, X-Files, Gotham, PVZ and More!

It’s one of the biggest New Toy Days in recent memory, with new action figures, Minimates, glassware and cookie jars hitting comic book shops from Diamond Select Toys! With new items from The Muppets, Gotham, X-Files, Star Trek, Godzilla, Plants vs. Zombies, Back to the Future, Batman: The Animated Series, Superman and Justice League, now is most definitely the time to call up your local comic shop to reserve your favorite items. Read on for more details, then find your local comic shop at! Continue reading

Ask DST #309: Minimates Ahoy!

On the morn of tonight’s Ask DST live chat, it’s a new non-live Ask DST with DSTChuck! The president of Diamond Select Toys answers your questions about Minimates, including Marvel, TMNT, Aliens, Gotham, Godzilla and more. A ton of new Minimates box sets hit comic shops this week, and if you have a question for DSTChuck, you can submit it in the form up top or come back here tonight at 8:30 PM EST for the live chat! Continue reading

Back to the Future Minimates are a Blast from the Past!

Missing the good old days of 2015? Why not travel back in time with the newest Minimates mini-figures and mini-vehicles based on the Back to the Future Trilogy? Two new sets hit stores this week, with some sets already in stock, and more yet to come! Reserve your tiny time travelers and time machines at your local comic shop, or ask them to order the sets for you using the item codes below – you can also find them at your favorite online retailer! Continue reading